Day 25- Would You Rather?

Would you rather date someone plain with an amazing personality or someone beautiful with a plain personality?

Plain with an amazing personality. 

Not trying to sound like looks are everything, but you can always change the outside appearance. Like a plain person can easily change that look. But you can’t change a personality as easy. 

I don’t care how beautiful you are, if you’re boring to the point of driving me insane, goodbye. 

Day 24- Seven Things On My Mind

1. Why do I put up with this?

2. Will I ever owe the businesses I want to run?

3. TTC better figure their shit out….

4. Does “Jay” exist?

5. How do I get back to my old body?

6. What happens after?

7. No one said for you to get a job where I can’t have a puppy….

Day 23- A Letter

Dear Anyone, 

I’m not old and wise, but I do have a lot of experience to share. 

Have a little faith in yourself that you can achieve things in life, without needing the approval or praise of another to know you did well.  

As hard as it is, step out from behind that wall you put up. You only get stronger when you experience what life throws at you and you overcome it. 

Don’t judge people. God only knows what they’ve been through. They aren’t any less than you, and you aren’t any less than they are. We’re equal regardless of the shade of my skin, the colour of my eyes or the texture of my hair. 

Love is patient. Love is kind. 

People will always hurt you. Regardless of how little or big the damage is, once you’re attached to someone, you can easily be hurt. But don’t fear being attached to other people. It’s all part of the growing process. You just learn and eventually you’ll be able to share your experiences with someone else who goes through it. 

Just love. 

- Ashley 

Day 22- OOTD

Blue Jays gear for the game w/ Tiff!

Day 21- Turn Offs (2/2)

Dirty feet.

Ordering for me. 

Ordering for other people who can speak for themselves. 

Boring people. 

Stuck up.


Day 21- Turn Ons (1/2)



Piercings (eyes, eyebrow and sometimes lip).

Loves babies.

Loves dogs.


Clean shaven. 

Strong cologne. 

Day 20- Concerts

I haven’t attended a concert before unfortunately. 

I would rather attend like an awards show so I can get a mix of all these artists, rather than just one main performers and like two other openers. 

A Theme A Theme